Single at XY age

Romance exists as long as humans do- we all know Adam & Eve´s love story. Adam felt lonely so God provided him with a tremendous gift of creating Eve out of his rib. What a marvellous present! Can you imagine getting something more valuable than a human person? Romance is main subject of many movies, […]

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Shop Till You Drop

Since I live in the city center , every time I leave my house I come across a supermarket, bakery, jewelry or a shop. Because of that, many times I get tempted to buy goods from aforementioned places. Few walks down the street with so many wishes as I window shop during my wandering. How […]

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Are Some Degrees Really Useless?

A few days ago in my country we could read a news saying that a woman with a college degree from 3 different universities could not find a job. That particular piece of news spread in an instant through many online portals and throughout social media. Suddenly everyone wanted to share their opinion of that […]

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