Shop Till You Drop

Since I live in the city center , every time I leave my house I come across a supermarket, bakery, jewelry or a shop. Because of that, many times I get tempted to buy goods from aforementioned places. Few walks down the street with so many wishes as I window shop during my wandering. How […]

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Are Some Degrees Really Useless?

A few days ago in my country we could read a news saying that a woman with a college degree from 3 different universities could not find a job. That particular piece of news spread in an instant through many online portals and throughout social media. Suddenly everyone wanted to share their opinion of that […]

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Hi School, Bye School

Middle school and high school- places of fond memories or forgotten sorrows? Everyone remembers endless days spent in classrooms, never ending memorization of what we considered to be nonsensical facts and answering to teachers. Oh yes, days I wish I would never have to go back to! Fortunately, I am near the end of my […]

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