What Is Mirror Mirror On The Wall Trying To Say?

Yesterday I bought a book about self love that includes 21 exercises to practice everyday. The goal of those exercises is to help you become more aware of some limiting beliefs you might have that prevent you to fully cherish yourself.

When I saw the title of the book, I had some doubts, but I still gave it a try.
Today I had to look myself in the mirror and repeat something among the lines that I want to learn to really love myself.

The practice sounded silly at least, but at the end of the day, after repeating the mantra throughout the day- I may conclude that I felt significantly better about myself and life in general.

Throughout my painful adolescence I somehow started to develop negative thoughts because that was an easy way not to confront some of my fears, situations or behaviors.

After a while negativity took over and I became more and more withdrawn, anxious and sad.
The downward spiral of negativity lasted for few years until I reached my deepest depths. Then it was time to start caring about person I spend most of the time with- me.

I started to learn more and more about psychology, found a Christian mentor and asked for help when I needed it.

With lots of help, I reached a point when I start to be more self reliant and when I decided I should make some serious changes in my thinking and behavior.
I started to work on myself which resulted in getting back to college after dropping out, starting to work full time and surrounding myself with people I truly like to spend time with.

It was hard to completely change your view on life and consequently your reality- but it was worth it.
Today it is especially hard for young people to find positivity in life when you don´t truly know who you are.

Young people often don´t have confidence which is needed to shape your own life and not listen to people, media or advice that may harm them.
I was one of those people too, but with lots of effort, help and motivation to reach my full potential- my mirror says- today I really love myself.