Whole World Gone Online

Internet is all around us- on our computers, cell phones or tablets.
There are around 4 billion Internet users around the world.

We listen to songs online, read newspapers or books, watch movies or engage with or friends on social networks.

Today Internet is like a real world relocated to our screens. I even read a tweet that stated that a man drinking coffee without his gadgets must be some kind of psychopath- it got thousands of likes.

With availability of Internet, we have access to infinite amount of information in a matter of seconds. Excessive usage of Internet is even considered to be an addiction by some. A nurse who works in my Polyclinic mentioned to me that young doctors pay more attention to their computers than the time they spend near bed, to their patients.

Perhaps a reason for that is because it is easier to read about something than to apply it in the real world. We are often being taught at our universities and schools endless facts, but few of us know how to use them.

Problems with schools today is that they require memorization and little creativity, but that’s a theme for some other story.

When you are young, you often read some other people’s experiences, gossip or unscientific texts- because you lack experience in recognizing trustworthy websites or valuable opinions.

You can easily blame me first for spending too much time online- I am a bookworm type so I spend lot of time there reading interesting blogs.

My head is sometimes so full of various information that I start feeling a need to shut down all my devices and escape to nature.

Still, my breaks from virtual reality are usually only short lived.

I might change from tomorrow, but for today, Internet is truly a world wide web for me.