Why You Should Stay At Home Vs. Night Outs

A few months ago, I had a conversation with one of my dear childhood friends about how we regret not having done one thing differently during our growing up- we regretted that we didn´t spend more time at home.

In elementary school, I went to birthday parties, I went to the movies & I had sleepovers at my friend´s homes. The real night outs started when I was in high school. I went out mostly with my classmates to the clubs which were popular for young people in my town.

From that time, I remember getting ready for hours long before showing up to my friends. Everything had to be perfect- from make up to hairstyle and outfit.

Unfortunately, what I now know is that my whole appearance was completely overdone. In my pursuit of perfection I always applied way to much heavy make up and I even spent hours straightening out my naturally curly hair.

What never came to my mind back then is that I looked great even without all that beautifying courses I fell victim to. The truth which you won´t hear in all those commercials aimed at you in your teens is that you often don´t need anything but to stay natural in order to look your best.

When you are just starting to discover all that make up & night life & fashion outfits have to offer, you forget that you really don´t have to look like a movie star who just spent 10 hours with professional hair dressers and make up artists.

I regret spending too much effort on turning myself to look like not being my truest self.
I also regret that I followed trends of going out at really late hours and staying out until the early morning.
I didn´t enjoy most of those clubbing times- the music was too loud, people got drunk and often nothing good out of those times ever happened.

I went out to popular venues because I thought I had to- in order to get along with my peers and to know what was happening between classmates from my school.

What I discovered years later was the fact that I could have learned more about people by interacting with them in school activities, sports or traveling during the day.
You don´t have to meet people in crowded spots where you can hardly speak to each other to have fun.

Now I call those late nights spent at noisy, overcrowded and smoke filled places- wasted nights.
I used the term wasted on purpose- because time could have been better spent and because often alcohol was involved.

My piece of advice to you would be to spend your time more wisely than I did- don´t waste your precious time- sometimes stay at home.