Single at XY age

Romance exists as long as humans do- we all know Adam & Eve´s love story.
Adam felt lonely so God provided him with a tremendous gift of creating Eve out of his rib. What a marvellous present! Can you imagine getting something more valuable than a human person?

Romance is main subject of many movies, books and music, yet it is often misunderstood.
On one hand, when you are single you are desperately trying to find the “love of your life”, your life partner, your soulmate. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, there can be a lot of adjusting, communication problems or even problems with expressing your truest feelings.

From my experience, most people, just like Adam did, start feeling lonely during their puberty. In their teens everyone is trying to find someone special with whom they could spend their time with. A real boyfriend or a real girlfriend. Just like adults have them. Yet, often those early romances are only infatuations, or highly idealized representations of your love thoughts.

Somewhere in your teens, or perhaps a bit later- around legal age, everyone starts to inquire about your love life or lack of thereof. Why don´t you have a partner? Who are you dating? Do you want me to set you up with him?

From early age on we get pressured to form a couple. Many of us really find someone worth having relationship with. Many don´t. Who are we to set a time frame when I, you or he/she has to start dating, get a boyfriend/girlfriend or get married?

Unfortunately, many of us who are single feel pressure to be with someone so many start relationship with a person who is completely incompatible to them. Others are more courageous and dismiss all that annoying asking and don´t settle, but listen to their inner voice of waiting for someone truly special.

As I scroll down my Facebook timeline, pictures from weddings and happy couples appear.
Afterwards I cannot ask myself why are some acquaintances of my age married or why are some of them having kids and I am still waiting for my heart´s desire?

That´s the question not only I ask myself, but also every noisy friend or relative- question which will await for it´s answer until Cupid´s arrow strikes. I think it might be soon.