Christmas Is Near, Are You Celebrating Ho Ho Ho Here?

In this few days before Christmas, I would like to ask you are you a believer in God and if yes- what has drawn you to that belief?

Since my childhood I always hold a thought that there must be some Higher Power that overlooks every event and helps us, comfort us and guide us.

When I was around 5-6 years old I even imagined that God-like figure must resemble Mozart in his looks. Even though I changed my perceptions about God´s outward appearance, my thoughts about that existing force haven´t changed.

Faith for me is a way of doing things before you have the confirmation that they had to be done. In other words- you do something with a conviction that you are on the right path.

Faith without deeds doesn´t really exist. Faith without courage either.

In my life I often made decisions that others didn´t want to approve, that seemed pointless or even dangerous. It was not always easy to make up my mind about some difficult choices- I sometimes had to ask older ones for advice or listen to my own inner voice.

Looking back at my past, although I had many hardships, I was somehow always on the right path owing to the fact that my decisions were made with strong belief in our Heavenly Father.

In my teens I thought religion is pointless and that God doesn´t exist- or why would he be so cruel if he does- so that he lets all the bad things happen?

At the end of my adolescence when I became seriously ill I started to question even more God´s existence. It caused me a lot of pain to think that God left me or punished me.

Now when I am much better I have completely different point of view. Now I know that there are regularly two sides of the same story- the one we think we figured out and the real one.

In two days it´s Christmas, after lot of time I am very happy to celebrate it since I have a deep peace that all my life decisions brought me closer to God. From that very reason I cannot wait to celebrate Jesus birthday.