Shop Till You Drop

Since I live in the city center , every time I leave my house I come across a supermarket, bakery, jewelry or a shop. Because of that, many times I get tempted to buy goods from aforementioned places.

Few walks down the street with so many wishes as I window shop during my wandering. How can I resist that new shirt, croissant or perhaps shoes?

Never before in the history was so easy to purchase your necessities or impulsive wishes so I am not an exception in wanting to buy something I don’t even need.

Often I purchase goods because I know I would feel better afterwards, yet that feeling lasts only for a couple of hours at its best.

I may be a victim of consumerism which surrounds everyone of us- I sometimes think that material possessions would make me happy even for a short period of time.

So me, my family and people around me, bombarded by commercials and advertising of every kind, spend large amounts of money on many products we could easily live without.

If only we would get tempted by occasional window shopping, but today we have opportunity to buy services or products from comfort of our homes with only a click or two.

In other words- we engage in online shopping. I have to admit that I buy books through e-commerce sites like Amazon.
When I see a book that interests me, I have to have immediately!

Although by ordering books via online bookstores you don’t get the same feeling as with buying them in person- I just can’t resist it. Same goes with clothes, household amenities, gadgets or cosmetics.

Shopping is all around us- it’s not easy to resist it, but my advice would be to shop when you have to or in special occasions, but window shop whenever you want 