Friendships Accompany You Throughout Your Life

Friendships are close relationships full of trust, laughter, shared interests and sometimes even same life stages.

Throughout your life you have many opportunities to connect with like minded people, but from my opinion, the greatest friends are made in our childhood or youth.

You often have most friends in elementary school or high school because then, what connects you to someone else, aren´t always same values or opinions, but more superficial interests like music, fashion style or sense of humor.
When you are young you spend most of your time in school, on extracurricular activities or hanging out with friends- what makes forming friendships easier than ever.

I enjoyed sharing my secrets, wishes and hopes with my best friends. I also liked to hear theirs and perhaps even gossip a little bit- but who can blame you for that when you are in your teens?

In your youth you spend hours talking on the phone or chats with your classmates, you go out with them, you have the same “enemies” like your parents about who you might endlessly complain to each other.

Those life stages are filled with need to belong to your group of people who share your interests. Later in life you learn to be independent or in other words to have values and goals that might not always be shared with people around you.

The most difficult part of growing up for me was learning to let go of friends who choose some other path than mine in life, who didn´t have time for me, or who would perhaps be a bad influence.
My father always told me that you can be lucky if you have one real friend in your life.

Today everyone seems to have many “friends”, especially when you see their Facebook account or Instagram followers.
In most cases those people aren´t really someone´s close friends, but at its best only acquaintances.

It is also difficult to transition to period of life from when you spend time on a friendly basis with lots of people like for example in school to having your first job where more formal relationships are established.

People are social creatures, they always seek company- real friends no matter what the stage of life you are in are simply priceless.