Love Is Everywhere

Everyone is looking for love.

On one hand, guys are learning how to approach girls and learn how they call it- a game. Girls, on the other hand, are trying to make themselves most attractive they can –  all in one mission: to find that crazy little thing called love.

I think that everybody wants to have a meanigful relationship with another person, but sometimes in order to achieve thet, people seek short term benefits over long term rewards.

Guys are sometimes only interested in physical part of love (if it can even be called love), whereas girls are looking for more deeper involvment.

Some people can’t stand being alone so they jump from person to person and from relationship to relationship, often dissappointed in the end. Other person can enrich your life, but can’t take care of your life or be responsible for your happiness.

I often hear about girls who think they can change their boyfriends, but reality is- you can only change yourself.

The power you have for your own life and for inviting people who you want to be in it is tremendeous. Ultimately, you can choose, but my advice is to choose wisely. Don’t fall for guys who mistreat you, don’t appreciate you or demand you to do things you normally wouldn’t.

Normally, good guys could not be find in bars or clubs, try to meet them through mutual friends or by joining activities that you like. It should be abot making friendships first.

Men should cherish women, but women should respect men.

I am in my mid twenties, and most of my friends are in long term relationships or getting married, it is nice to see they found that special someone. I truly believe everyone has that one person who is meant to be for them.

To find him or her, you should make some moves, but also allow destiny and universe to make things work for you. Timing is everything, maybe you aren’t ready now, maybe you can’t wait to meet someone, but in the end- love will find you.

With love,