Text, Always

Texting became more popular than phone calls which doesn’t surprise many in these days of online media.

Personally, I don’t make phone calls often- I would always prefer texting over talking to someone over the phone. Although texting can’t convey all the emotions a phone call usually consist of, it is more practical and there are always 🙂 or 😛 involved.

There are people who I would rather call, but they have to be very close to me, a family member or a good friend. In some occasions it is more convenient to call than to text, but same works vice versa.

On one hand, for shy or introverted people it is easier to communicate  with others over texting. On the other hand, very sociable people would mostly call you. People who seek immediate response or who are in a hurry will always try to reach you by calling you. If wanting to meet someone for the first time or if it is late at night or you know that a person is busy, you would text him.

I always feel reluctant to make a phone call because I sometimes think I wouldn’t come up with something to say or that a uncomfortable silence would break in.

Also I don’t like receiving phone calls, except when text message would serve as a precursor to call.I have a great fear that something bad happened and therefore a call from the other side is necessary.

Ten  years ago phone boxes were very common, nowadays everyone has a cell phone, in ten years from now it is hard to predict how our communication habits will look like.