I Decide To Read This Post

Decisions – we bring them every day, from about something that seems trivial to something that would impact our life in the long run.

From my personal experience, I had the most choices while I was in high school and before I started to work. Then, I was also overwhelmed with decision making. There were times when I almost felt paralyzed with all the choices I had to make. When you are growing up, you just start to learn about the world and all the possibilities it offers. Sometimes, you listen to yourself when deciding which option to choose from, other times you rely on opinions of others.

The best way to learn how to make a decision is to find a good mentor, someone who would help you navigate through that stormy years of so many possibilities. With years your path becomes somewhat narrower, because you get more confidant in your decision making and problem solving.

It is equally hard when you have many options that all seem like a good fit for you as only having one option to choose from.

When we are kids, parents decide for us what to wear, which kindergarten to attend, what to eat…

Slowly, we begin stepping in the world of youth and then of grown ups, when we decide (or not) to take responsibilities for our actions and changes we want to make in out life.

I think most people are not scared of making decisions, but about outcomes they may cause. For every road we don’t take, it’s one door that we closed. If you are trying to decide about something that is of great importance of you, you should allow yourself to take time to think thoroughly and  choose between many opportunities.

Resist taking action out of fear, always follow your intuition and when possible problems occur, just know that you will find your way through it.

Decisions aren’t hard, you unknowingly even made a decision to read this post, so choose, decide, select!