Favorite Place In My Home

I live in an apartment in the centre of Zagreb with my family. My apartment is among bigger sized apartments for Croatian occasions, but its layout isn’t the best. That’s also the reason why some of our rooms in it don’t serve much of a purpose.

However, there are couple of rooms where I spend most of the time and although it may sound silly my favorite place in my home is – bathroom. I spend on average an hour a day there.

I shower, sometimes take a bath, brush my teeth, apply make up, clean my face, apply moisturisers…

Still the real reason I like that tiny little room is because I feel most relaxed there.

There I can be all by myself, in silence and with my thoughts. It’s kind of humorous that bathroom is a room where I can honestly say I find my peace 😛

I have a big family: there are 5 of us living together and I share a room with my younger sister so bathroom became from early on my little sanctuary.

My favorite routine is lighting scented candles and enjoying a looong bath in the afternoon after work. I also like the ritual of applying all that preparative and decorative cosmetic products on my face and body. It is important to take care of your looks for your own wellbeing and to show the best of yourself to the outside world.

If I would design a perfect space in my home, it would be a room with a sea view, with the best stereo and loudspeakers that would play chill out music all day long and with a small swimming pool in it.

The room would be in a skyscraper on the last floor, it would have slanted windows and wooden floor. The wall would be of exposed brick with photos I took from traveling from countries I have visited. It would all look colorful, cozy and relaxing.

Until my dreamt designed room becomes a reality, I’ll unwind in my bathroom.

It fullfills my time needed for unwinding. Bathroom, how silly!