Hello Zagreb, Hello Croatia

Probably not many of you heard of Croatia or many of you don’t know that Croatia’s capital city is Zagreb. Zagreb is also the city in which I was born.

Zagreb has a little less than million inhabitants- many people from different regions of Croatia want to relocate to capital city so its population is steadily growing.

While I was a student I could not grasp why would people from Split (second largerst city in Croatia) or Rijeka( its 3rd largest city) would like to study there as they had the same universities in their places of origin. I would often get the answer that Zagreb has the most to offer or that they would like to separate from their parents and learn how to live on their own.

Zagreb is a nice city – in comparison to other cities in Europe its size is rather charmingly small than big. It has also started to attract more tourists from year to year- many hostels opened to attract especially young people. If you come to visit Zagreb, it is good to know that the majority of youth knows how to speak English so you won’t have problems with talking to natives.

One of the fun facts of Zagreb is that almost everyone who lives there meets with their friends under the clock which is located on Zagreb’s main square. That is the place where people meet before going out to one of the nearby caffes in Tkalčićeva or in Bogovićeva street.

Saturday is for most of the population favorite day because then they meet with their families and friends, nicely dressed and have a coffee on what’s popularily called Shpitza. That is the name for most popular streets and pedestrian zone in city centre. There you can meet many Croatians celebrities and then most of fun events are happening- from promotions to concerts.

Zagreb doesn’t have an underground, but it is interconnected with streetcars which if you are tired or exhausted from sightseeig would annoy you, as you probably would not find a free seat – street cars are always very crowded.

Also, if you are more into bycicles, there are not many suitable cycle lanes there. They are mostly on the same pavement where pedestrian walk.

Zagreb also has many museums, parks, churches and lakes worth visiting.

I am glad that I could share some of the insights about Zagreb, the more conventional information you can find on almost any tourist page about Zagreb.

So, have fun exploring!

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