Saying „Yes“ To Love

Today it is expected to be in love or to be searching for that somebody.

In relation to that I often get asked that dreaded question: „Do you have a boyfriend and if not what are you waiting“?

The other day, one client who came to my workplace asked me about my age. When I told him I was 26 he told me that I am not really in my prime youth anymore and that I should find a boyfriend. I wasn’t looking for any advice regarding my love life as I am happy as a single person.

My parents’ friends ask me ocasionally the same question, as I am past age when we could talk about college and grades 🙂

Often my friends ask me whether I am seeing anyone. My friends are also in an age group between 25-30 years when they are getting pregnanat and saying yes to their significant others.

Although I mentioned some examples about how others would like me to hurry before it would be too late, I feel like I can’t hurry love. I often read stories about how other people met and knew they found someone special and these stories always make me warm around my heart.

I think family is the most important thing one can have in his life- it is not his career, income or place a person lives. I am happy to be blessed with great family: my parents are great, I have brother and sister, a dog, lots of friends, but somehow everyone expects you to be with someone- to find a boyfriend. I had some crushes in the past, a few dates, I actually have someone I often think about, but none of my wishes came to realisation in real life.

I have my whole life ahead of me- so it is good to get to know myselff before I get to know someone special.  Some people around me are happy to share their life with someone, some break up or divorce, some are desperate to find „love of their life“. Everyone is searching, but not everyone finds what they are searching for which makes me conclude- relax, it will happen sometime, sometime when you forget that you need other person to make you happy.