What Role Does Procrastination Play In Your Life?

Procrastination – the tendency not to do something or to delay it for the near or far future.

We all become its victims from time to time, but for a not so small percentage of adults- it becomes their way of life. Mostly it is learned behaviour stemming from childhood, but it can happen for reasons such as fear of failure, perfectionism or too much love of hobbies.

I read that almost 20 % of people could classify as chronic procrastinators – they are always late, they don´t study on time, they postpone meeting with friends…

In this overhyped technological world of today, there are so many options that can keep us from accomplishing our goals. One of the biggest distractors is definitely internet- source of great knowledge, but also of much pointlessly spent time.

Many people use internet for hours and hours of entertainment and distraction. Having laptop and smartphone from young age is a good thing in a way that helps people learn new information, but bad in a way that can draw us away with endless watching of movies, listening to music and reading about celebrities.

When you connect to the internet you become bombarded with tons and tons of articles, adverts and connections from social networks. Looking up for a piece of information which seems important in the given moment often leads you to tons of different sites you would otherwise not visit.

There are so many choices for spending leisure time that some concentrate more on fun and enjoyment than on hard work. I sometimes procrastinate, but i don’t feel content with that choice. I often don’t feel like completing a task or setting a goal so I am postponing it for a later situation when I think I would be more productive. Of course I am only making excuses and comforting myself for not taking action now.

It is also easy to get caught up in thoughts that if you start taking action, more and more things to accomplish would emerge, so you become paralysed.

The solution is to set smaller goals and to reward yourself for making them work, so the next time you would like to avoid carrying out with your activity, you would connect benefits with it.