Write. Write. Write

Writing is the most important of the four existing language skills for me.

It is a great way to express yourself and convey to others what is on your mind.

I started writing for the reason that I easily make witty comments.

I often play with words and I spend lot of time reading which is important if you want to be good in writing.

Writing like any skill requires practicing, so in my search for exercises I first stumbled on creative prompts while I was working on my portfolio for ad school. One can find so much inspiration online to start creating essays, short stories, poems…

The hardest part is starting to work on some project, so I sometimes postpone my beginning for as long as I can. Writing is a hobby or a profession which requires extensive self discipline and dedication, apart from only talent. I am better in writing than in speaking, because of the fact that writing can easily be edited in that words when are outspoken cannot be taken back.

I mostly write in English- the language with so many nuances, synonyms and expressions. English is truly a language made for writers.

I started to write in elementary school when most of my colleges were writing diaries so they made me begin doing the same. At that time majority of my writing were descriptions of my day in school or my holidays. On the other hand, my school assignments were often characterised as deep and thoughtful.

Through writing I organise my thoughts, I recollect memories, I expand my imagination. Usually I don´t have a story set in my mind, I create sentence by sentence, so I sometimes even surprise myself with all that new turnings and plot twists. I write because I love spending time in my own little world, where everything is possible. You are never lonely when you write, ideas accompany you.

Although I must admit that it is easier to read other people´s produced material, creating your own stories brings more fun and satisfaction.

With writing you can discover hidden feelings, concerns and ideas. Writing is a tool to bring your subconscious to paper, to reveal truth and thoughts which you could not normally reach.

If you share same values on this beautiful activity, I would be happy to read your words on this topic.