Forever Young, But Luckily Out Of My Teens

Couple of months ago I celebrated my 26th birthday.

Two decades and six. Since it´s been a couple of years that I am out lf my teens, perhaps I can share some thoughts on them with you.

I see teen years as a time where you are so preoccupied with others, that you forget that the only person you should be thinking about is- you.
You try to fit in with people you don´t like or care about. You drink, although you dislike alcohol, you think you should have a boyfriend, so you keep going to clubs. You think grades are unimportant so you don’t study. You think your parents don’t know anything…
Yeah, difficult years, but they would be easier if only you could go one day in the future of yourself when you are for example 25. Just to gain the perspective, to realise, you don’t have to worry, just work hard and be yourself. Most importantly listen to yourself, not to others, because others usually haven’t got the slightest clue about you or about themselves. These are the years when everyone should- learn.
Don´t feel pressured to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend before you know what you want from relationships. Explore your strengths and weaknesses, what you like and dislike.
Before you can make meaningful connections you should get to know yourself better.
There are big chances you are going to experience an identity crisis in your teens and your early twenties. Although it is difficult to go through those times, it can also be rewarding to experience so much variety in your life- from trying on different haircuts, to working on lots of different jobs, to traveling around the world.
If you choose to go with the path of making your own choices and making your own mistakes, be prepared to encounter some difficult times. On the other hand, from difficulties you will learn and grow.
Modern teenage years are prolonged until at least late twenties, so don’t hurry, you will grow up, but even then you will learn everyday something new.
And yes- quit smoking, it really is bad for your health and it´s better to have a strong attitude against it because that makes you- confidant.