Are You The Same Person Online As In Real Life?

Social networks are facts of today´s reality.

Technology and media can be found in every corner of developed society.Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube have all the same purpose, to connect and share interesting content among its users.Facebook is one of the first, if not most famous social networks.People usually use it to connect with their friends and aquaintances.

Sometimes the way we present ourselves on it, does not represent our usual identity, other-times it shows us exactly how we are.

In my opinion, my friends present only the best from their lives, they portray themselves as mostly happy, as the ones who succeed, have fun and travel across the world.

On contrary, my Facebook persona is funny, witty and shy. I have a small circle of friends, don´t post pictures and I like most popular pages ranging from comedy sites to my favorite TV shows.I mostly use Facebook to chat with my friends and share sharp observations of everyday situations. Most of my content is personal written word.

Producing something of relevance brings lots of more satisfaction than simply liking pages or observing what others are sharing or writing.

I dislike spending much time on Facebook, but I must admit it is quite addictive once you get used to it. You always have to check for new materials, fresh news and gossip.

I don´t like people who take Facebook to seriously and elaborate their life or political views or share their children´s photos on it. People who rant on politics on social media could make greater impact if they actually do something about it in real life.

Admittedly, my identity on Facebook changed over years, from trying to have as much friends as I could, posting only data others would accept to being self confidant and more or less how I am in real life.

Facebook is good to connect with friends you met before, who are now living in different parts of the world, but for others it surely can´t replace live meetings.

It is not wise for younger individuals to spend much time online as their identity is still forming- they can end up under some bad influence, so parental supervision is essential.

In a nutshell, connect with people you personally know, control time you spend on it and have fun, but don´t share too much personal information on it, especially if you are still very young.