Am I Good In Writing- That Is Something You Should Tell Me.

On my elementary school record stands a note: gifted student.

I struggled a lot to accept that, because I always though that is somethng that only brings you negative things like loneliness, sadness and lack of understanding from others.

In my highschool I didn´t have good grades, I tried to fit in by pretending I am not as bright as they told me once. My grades suffered, so did my self esteem.

Then, I thought after a while that I am not good in anything. One of my favorite days ever was graduating from highschool. I felt deep satisfaction from not having to spend more time acting like someone who I wasnt, I longed for freedom.

I am type of the person who deeply enjoys studying, so I went to multiple colleges (unfortunately I haven’t finished one), but that is a different story. From studying things like law, medicine and finally, copywriting- I realised writing and crafting stories and blogging are my greatest passion.

I have a knack for languages, coming up with puns in English, although it is not even my mother tongue and from forming thoughts with pen and paper. I like to write in English because of its variety and many subtly different meanings of the same expressions and its rich vocabulary.

Reading and writing are two main activities I spend most of my time on. At this moment, my dream is to make my hobby, writing to make means of living from it.

I know I have to learn a lot to start a blog that many people would wish to read and of course the one that would generate income, but I am determnined to succeed.

I think that talent after great preservation and dedication still gets recognised.

Now in my head stands a note: gifted in writing, but the audience will have the last word.