Alone Wolf

Spending time on my own is something I am deeply thankful for.

At this moment, I am laying in my bed, with my laptop, listening to TV sounds and having fun in creating those words you are reading.

I think one of the greatest gifts people can have is to learn to feel good all by themselves. You spend most of your time with yourself, so it is good to be grateful for that, embrace that and- enjoy it!

I recently stumbled upon a Biggs Myers personality quiz, where I found out I am INFJ- which stands for introvert, Intuition, Feeling and Judging.

One of my main characteristics is that I am definitely an introvert, I need at least 60-70% percent of time being alone.

I also searched for which careers would suit me the best and I realised those were the ones for Investigative (social and conventional) personalities.

Being investigative, I need a lot of time for reading, analysing and soul searching. I like facts, science, knowledge, experiment, writing, photography, music, contact with couple of close friends…

But being alone and figuring life and thinking some deep thoughts is definitely one of my dearest ways to spend time.

Time spent in that manner is always a blessing since we live in fast paced societies with great deal of pressure.

One way to escape our everyday damanding realities is to recharge in solitude.

It is best to go to the nature, take a few walks or just visualise what you’d like to happen. Who would you like to spend time with, where you would like to live, what kind of career would yoo pursue doing…

I need to recharge to get to my inner self, to my deepest concerns, passions, yearnings. Often, I can’t wait to get home, just to get into my room and relaxe..

Oh, yes, time spent alone…good time 🙂

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