Playing School Is Not What Teaching Profession Looks Like

I always knew I wouldn´t become a teacher in this life.

Teaching profession is one of the oldest and most noble professions since old ages.

Being a teacher is hard work- I don´t know it from personal experience, apart from playing school at around age 12, but having spent most of my life in a classroom, I feel qualified to conclude it from student´s perspective.

Why teaching is so hard and why not everybody is meant to do it career wise?

Spending time in school also known as 12 tough years of studying, respecting authority figures, sticking to schedules and being stuck in a classroom with people who you at least don’t find interesting- is something not many of us would like to repeat. 

As a teacher you would have to do it over and over for the next 40 years, 5 days in a week. You would never be done with homework or with exams or with going to- school again. Imagine spending a couple of hours a day trying to speak and convey your knowledge to 30 people who are doing everything else but paying attention to you.

As a teacher you have to be interesting, smart, fair, you have to have understanding and you have to know how to reach people who are years, if not decades younger than you. Youngsters often don´t appreciate how important are the lessons you are trying to teach them, which is understandable because their brains are still developing and of course because they haven´t got enough life experience. 

It is also much easier task to learn facts and information then to explain it to someone who is not of the same educational level or background as you are.

Good teacher knows how to recognise potential and how to encourage it.

Truth to be told, education is something of great importance, but government, students and sometimes even teachers don´t realise how much impact it has.

Teachers train are future generations, so they have to take their job seriously, I could´t bear that much responsibility so I must admit- I am happy that I am done with my school years, but I will continue educating myself from the foundations those more experienced instructed me. And I am thankful for that.